Why Does My Dog Nibble My Nails?

Why Does My Dog Nibble My Nails

You sit comfortably on your couch while watching the television when you notice that your dog is smelling and nibbling your nails.


Is your dog grooming you?


Are they trying to tell you something?


In today’s article, we will be answering the question, “Why does my dog nibble my nails?”


Reasons Why Your Dog Is Nibbling Your Nails 

dog nibbling nails


There are a couple of reasons why your dog nibbles your nails.


Here are some:


To show affection

Usually, your dog will nibble on your nails simply to show you affection.


Remember that dogs cannot use their paws to caress you or pat you on the back, and the only thing they can use to let you know that they are happy or are showing you their love is by nibbling on your fingers and nails.


They can detect that you are ill

Some dogs can detect if their owners are not feeling well or have some underlying illness.


They let you know that something is wrong with your body or health by nibbling gently on your nails.


Your dog may even lick your hands obsessively.


Although sometimes, it may not be a “severe” illness, just an imbalance that they are sensing in you.


You previously ate something

Another reason is that you might have previously eaten something using your hands.


It may be your favorite chips, some fried chicken, or any other finger food that your dog wants to get a taste of!



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They want to play with you

Your dog might also be nibbling on your nails because they want to play with you.


Chewing on your nails is like “jaw wrestling” – something that dogs find enjoyment in.


nibbling on your nails may be a stress release for your dog or something they just want to do because it is fun.

They think that maybe, you find it enjoyable too.


They are grooming you

Your nails are probably dirty or “smelly,” and your dog wants to make sure that it is clean by nibbling on it.


Should You Let Your Dog Nibble On Your Nails?

The answer to this question is solely up to you.


Some people might find dogs nibbling on their nails uncomfortable, while others might find it sweet, especially after knowing the reasons why your dog might be doing this.


Just remember to thoroughly wash your hands after letting your dog nibble on your nails, primarily before you handle any food.


There are many reasons your dog is doing this, and you just must know how to read your dog to figure out what they want.



Your dog loves to nibble on things, from their paws, to your nail.


Your dog might be telling you that something is wrong in your body, or they may be just seeking your attention and affection.


You are the one who understands your pet’s behavior, and you are the one who can tell why your dog is acting the way it does.


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