Benebone Vs Nylabone – What Is The Difference?

Benebone Vs Nylabone

You must be eager to know what the difference between these two bone-producing companies is.


This is the question in the minds of most dog owners and this usually leads to confusion when choosing the dog bone that is best for you.


You are probably asking,


“What is the difference between these two, and how can I choose the best for my dog.”


They are both very efficient in their bone production, thus it is difficult to decide on your own which is best.


This is why I have written this article, to guide you on making the right choice.


Follow me to the end of this article, and we promise to show the best bone for your dog and why it is best.


Firstly, there are various reasons why you should get a chewing outlet for your dog.


Reasons you should have a chewing outlet

  • It is highly imperative to give your dog a chewing outlet because it is vital for their overall growth and happiness.
  • In terms of their growth, it will keep them engaged, giving you time to do other things.
  • In terms of your happiness, it will save you the stress and cost of buying new furniture all the time. This chewing outlet will prevent them from chewing things in the house that they shouldn’t chew normally.
  • Nylabones come in so many varieties; they include ones made for puppies, ones made for dogs that can chew hard things, and rubber for dogs that cannot chew hard things.
  • Benebones only come in only a few varieties.


The risk involved with chewing outlets

dog chewing toys


Remember that there are risks involved in all dog toys, and Benebones and nylabones are not exceptional to this.


But for every risk, there is an efficient mode of prevention.


An example is falling off of the bone pieces; these pieces can pile up in the digestive tract of your dog and block their colon, leading to other health issues.


Therefore, you must always check the bone toys to ensure it is not falling off.


And when it starts falling off the best thing you can do is to change it.



Benebones last longer with dogs that love to play with things.


They find these bones very interesting, and it serves as companions.


If your dog chews a lot, then you need to apply extra caution to avoid it from eating off pieces of the bone.


Best fit for Benebone

  • Playful dogs are better suited with Benebones.
  • Benebones are the best fit for puppies.


Shape of Benebone

Benebones are usually curvy.


Advantages of Benebone

Because of dogs’ powerful smell, Benebones have been empowered with real flavor and long-lasting material.


This ensures your dog never gets tired of the Benebone.


Also, there is no artificial flavoring in the Benebone.


The little aesthetic added to the design of the Benebone makes it a great fit for most dogs because it captures their attention first and then keeps them engaged, eventually.


It is not advisable to use Benebone if a household member has a peanut allergy because Benebones are made from peanuts.



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If your dog is playful and a powerful chewer, then nylabone is suitable for him.


Nylabones are not suitable for puppies; they cannot measure up to the teeth of the pup.


This makes the puppies uncomfortable and unhappy when chewing these bones.


Best fit for Nylabones

Quiet dogs are better suited with Nylabones.


Downside of Nylabone

Pieces of nylabones are also dangerous because they are made from nylons.


Nylons are non-biodegradable materials making them dangerous to your pup’s health.


So you must avoid using nylabones for your puppies.


Shape of Nylabone

Nylabones are usually flat.


Advantage of Nylabone

Nylabone is best in use and reuse.


Once one side of the bone gets rough, all you have to do is turn to the other side and continue chewing.


The dog can continue turning and eventually turns back to where it has chewed before and starts chewing them again without knowing.


Although they are not entirely indestructible, so you still have to keep checking for wear and tear in them.


Nylabones are great for your dog’s dental health because they are made from bacon that frays.


This fraying action cleanses your dog’s teeth and massages their gums.


Pricing system of both bones

dog chewing paper bills

The price of Nylabone is lesser than that of Benebone, which pushes most dog owners into buying Nylabone.


But if you love your dog, then you should be more interested in what will be best for it rather than the price.


The price difference between Nylabone and Benebone is very little and can be overlooked for the love of your dog.


Makeup of Nylabone

  • Nylabones are made from top-quality bacon that is durable; they are designed to offer your dog a good paw grip.
  • Nylabones are made from nylon, plastic, or rubber.


But from a survey of buyers who used both products, most dog owners complain of broken teeth and damaged gums after using the Nylabone.


So, the majority of them prefer Benebone.


The differences between Nylabone and Benebone are not much, but their suitability varies from dog to dog.


This is why you must understand everything that is written in this article. Because only then will you know what suits your dog best.



Benebones and Nylabones are both powerful dog bone toy-producing companies.


They produce various types of bone toys of superior quality.


It isn’t easy to differentiate between the two because their products are almost similar.


The only way for you to differentiate between the two is by reading this article.


You are not just reading this article, but read and understand the article.


This will help you choose the right dog toys for your dog and prevent fatalities that may be attached to choosing the wrong bone toy for your dog.


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