Can Dogs Have SmartWater?

Can Dogs Have SmartWater

Activities that require too much energy can dehydrate your dogs.


Even if they have minimal activity during the day, the chance of dehydration is still there.


As humans, we can readily replenish our lost electrolytes. Thanks to SmartWater.


But can dogs have SmartWater?


Do not skip every bit of this article to find the answer.


What is Smartwater?

SmartWater For Dogs


A SmartWater has balanced electrolytes that humans take as replenishment in case of dehydration.


So, can dogs have SmartWater?


Yes, dogs can, but you need to take note of some things. Smartwater is safe for dogs.


Choose the ones that have a lower concentration.


Not a Sports Drink

Some people confuse SmartWater with Gatorade.


Smartwater is fine but do not give your pets the latter.


Gatorade is a sports drink that has more substantial concentrations of electrolytes.


Hence it can be toxic for dogs.


Avoid especially the grape Gatorade.


Any kind of grapes or any food that contains grapes are dangerous for dogs.


When ordinary water is not readily available, the yellow and green are acceptable as a last resort but give them only in small amounts.


Dehydration can be deadly for dogs if you do not take immediate action.


Watch out for the signs of dehydration, which include less frequent urination and dry eyes, mouth, and nose.


The Right Choice

1. Smartwater can be a quick fix when it is hot But if you must treat dehydration in your pet, opt for ordinary water as first aid.


2. If not available, try Pedialyte, which is found in the baby’s section in convenience stores. It has safe kinds of sugar, fewer chemicals, and safer electrolytes.


Other Drinks to Avoid Too

As a bonus tip, you must avoid giving these beverages to your dog:

  • Wine
  • Beer
  • Fermented beverages
  • Soda
  • Hard liquors
  • Milk
  • Tea
  • Artificial Juice
  • Broth


That could quite be a lot.


It should be easy because some of these do not drink daily except milk.


Milk, sadly, is not so safe and healthy for your little furry baby.



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Other Options for Rehydration

1. You should keep your dog’s food and drink in check.


2. Dog food should have a significant amount of moisture.


3. The most basic rule of thumb is to give water a day one ounce per pound of your dog’s body weight.


4. Keep water available for your pet all the time. Designate a specific place where your dog can access water.


Here are other alternatives that you can give your dog to rehydrate.

  • Mix yogurt with water to boost electrolytes
  • Cucumber
  • Watermelons (with precaution)
  • Coconut milk (when your dog needs more fat)
  • Coconut water
  • Fresh fruit juice in small amounts
  • The bone broth would be fine if there were no additives added
  • Chicken stock with zero sodium



Dogs need to stay hydrated always, too.


Always keep water accessible for them.


If they dehydrate, dogs can have SmartWater but not excessively.


There are several drink options as alternatives to water.


When your dog is dehydrated, call a vet to run some tests.


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