Champion bloodlines – What does it mean?

Champion bloodlines- What does it mean

People who are dedicated members of the dog lovers community have probably heard the term “champions bloodline” thrown around from time to time.


And if, like some people, you have no idea what the term means, then this article is for you.


So what does champions bloodline mean?


When a dog is said to have a champion bloodline, it simply means that either the dogs’ dam or sire (mother or father) has a championship title.


It’s a term the dogs’ breeder would share with you to show you the quality of the dog you’re about to get.


While having parents with a championship title is a good determiner of the dog’s health, that doesn’t mean it’s a sure guarantee.


What is a champion bloodline?

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Every dog owner believes that their dog is special.


While that might be true, it takes more than a dog who knows how to fetch to be considered special by bodies who judge dogs by more rigorous standards.


We’re talking about the likes of the American Kennel Club.


These associations judge dogs less by their level of cuteness and more by their performances, temperament, and physique.


The standards by which your dog is being judged are according to what the judge considers to be the ideal dog.


In some cases, the ideal dog is believed to have a champion’s bloodline.


Like we earlier said about a champion’s bloodline, when a dog is said to have a champion’s bloodline, it means that at some point in time in the dogs’ ancestry.


A true champion contributed to the dogs’ genetic makeup.


And what does it mean to be a true champion, you might be wondering.


Well, a true champion is a canine companion that has earned an AKC (American Kennel club) championship title.


How do you know if your dog is from a champion’s bloodline?

Information regarding Whether or not the dog you’re planning to buy does have a champion bloodline is usually given to you by a dog breeder.


Especially if your dog is purebred and you’re buying from a reputable breeder.


However, if this isn’t the case for you and you’re wondering if your dog has a champion’s bloodline, then here’s an easy guide you can follow to find out for yourself.


1. First of all, you get the dog’s pedigree.


A pedigree contains all the valuable information regarding your canine’s ancestry.


You can find out your dog’s lineage up to its grandparents.


2. Your dog’s pedigree is registered with the American Kennel club or whatever kennel club depending on where it was bred.


3. The kennel club, which acts as a neutral party, can provide you with a hard copy of your dog’s pedigree.


Which would be printed out and delivered to you for a certain amount of money (in the United States, this is usually $32).


4. On the other hand, you can also get a copy of your dog’s pedigree online for just $15 if you would like to save money, and this paperwork contains your dogs’ ancestry going back for four generations.


5. An important thing to take note of is while reading your dog’s pedigree might prove tricky, especially because the name listed on the document might be world’s different from what you call your dog at home.


While you might name your dog lord Octavius, the name listed on the document might be George.


6. After you’ve come to terms with the name discrepancy, reading the document ought to be a breeze, and you can find out a lot more about your dog than you were even aware of.


And most importantly, make sure the document has the official seal from the American Kennel club or whatever kennel club it was bred.


Does a champion’s bloodline matter?

champion bloodline


It’s very common to see a lot of dog breeders associate having a champion’s bloodline with the health or quality of a dog.


While this might actually be a factor, it’s definitely a determiner in the overall health of your canine friend.


There are a lot more qualities that do have a major effect on whether or not a dog would be healthy or not and champions bloodline is not one of them.


So if you find out your dog doesn’t have a champion’s bloodline, that isn’t a cause for concern or anything to feel bad about.


As long as your pet is well behaved and shown enough love and care, he’s going to turn out fine.


Even though having a champion’s bloodline is not a guarantor to your dog’s health or quality, it sure helps in giving an ego boost when you find out how many championship titles your dog ancestors possess.



There are so many other factors that determine how well your canine friend is going to turn out.


Although having an ancestor who has a championship title from the American Kennel club might be something to brag about, it’s not a guarantor for your dog’s temperament or health.


But if you’re still interested in knowing, then you can just get in touch with the dog breeder from where you purchased your dog from.


Or you can research it yourself online and get the information.


Just endeavor to make sure you are getting your dog’s pedigree from the actual kennel club site.


Your canine friend deserves all the love it can get, championship bloodline or no championship bloodline.


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