Things To Know About Saint Bernard & Mastiff Mix

Saint Bernard & Mastiff Mix

Saint Bermastiff is not a purebred dog.


It is formed from a cross between two dogs; St. Bernard and Mastiff.


The temperament of a crossbreed is usually determined by checking the various breeds of dogs that are combined to form the crossbreed.


In this case, it uses the combination of Saint Bernard and the Mastiff breed of dogs.


The various characteristics of both dogs determine the characteristics of the crossbreed.


Different organizations recognize this crossing:

  • ACHC: American Canine Hybrid Club
  • DRA: Dog Registry of America, Inc.
  • IDCR: International Designer Canine Registry


Appearance & Characteristics

St. bermastiff Appearance


Follow me closely in this article as we explore the Saint Bermastiff and all their exquisite features.


The characteristics of all pups are the same, and they all have orange or fawn undercoats with black strips as the under color, white socks, white chests, and a white blaze.


They are usually good watchdogs.


Many St. Bermastiff are cautious of streets and staircases and want to put anything they come across inside their mouth.


It will be best to keep small things like your shoe out of their reach.


When St. Bermastiff is a year old, it weighs about 160 pounds.


At this age, he can be left alone to move around the house, this is best because he can hardly fit into a crate due to his large size.


He does not soil the house, chews items, or even exhibit any form of destruction when left alone.


To know the temperament of this dog, you will have to look deeper into the genetic structure of the dog.


Its father is a purebred Mastiff while its mother is a purebred Saint Bernard.


Due to their large size, they are considered one of the best designer breeds of dogs, they seem to march to the beat of their drums.


They can be lazy at times and they can also be extremely playful.


One very funny thing about Saint Bermastiff is that they always want to get on your laps regardless of their size.


Intelligence and Temperament of Saint Bermastiff

Saint Bermastiffs are highly intelligent breed of dogs; they learn commands and tricks very fast.


Despite their appearance that makes them look dull, they are still among the most intelligent breeds of dogs.


Due to their crossbreed, they are prone to an extreme amount of laziness, but if they manage to get enough


socialization as puppies, they can fight off this laziness.


When mixed up with other dogs, they tend to do the things others are doing.


This breed of dog is best for people who appreciate easy-going pets that require little or no attention.


Are These Dogs Good for Families? 

The Saint Bermastiff is suitable as a family pet.


They are gentle and nature-loving, making you happy when you spend time around them, regardless of your age.


Due to their large size, you will have to apply extra caution when leaving them around small children.


They would never hurt a child intentionally, but an accident could occur, and it might lead to your child’s injury.


Does This Breed Get Along with Other Pets?

St. bermastiff puppy


If they get the proper amount of socialization at a young age, they will get along with other dogs and animals alike.


Food & Diet Requirements 

A mere look at them, and you would expect them to have a large appetite.


They require a larger portion of food than most small dogs.


They are capable of eating over 6 cups of dog food in a day.


The cost of feeding a Saint Bermastiff is usually high, but with a reasonable budget, that shouldn’t be a problem.



Though they don’t need the constant activity that small dogs require, it is still necessary to do regular exercises.


This keeps them fit, at least 30-60 minutes of intense exercise every day.


Exercise for them includes runs, games, fetches, etc.


But you shouldn’t expect to win them at anything that involves the use of strength like a tug of war.



  • They are very intelligent and can quickly learn commands and tricks. The Saint Bermastiff is always eager to train, and they are faster than small dogs.
  • They are easily motivated by dog treats, so you can make them train even more with this.



  • Most Saint Bermastiff’s breed of dogs displays a blend of coat colors from Saint Bernard and Mastiff coat styles.
  • This implies you will have to brush them over three times a week to maintain their skin texture and keep their hair under control.
  • You will need to increase the number of times you brush them during the spring season because this is their heaviest shedding season.


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Health and Conditions

They are a robust and healthy breed of dog; some of the breeds of Saint Bermastiff may develop conditions due to genetic mutation.


This condition includes those that are minor and serious:

Minor health conditions include:

  • Hypothyroidism
  • Entropion
  • Backache and stiffness of the spine


Severe health conditions include:


Final Thoughts

Saint Bermastiff is a black dog that fits perfectly into any home.


Their characteristics make them easy to blend and adapt because they require less attention than most other small dogs.


This makes it a good dog for old and busy people as a companion.


The only problem that may be encountered is the budget for their large feeding.


Overall, you will be getting a perfect experience with your Saint Bermastiff.


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