Shaving Golden Retriever (Plus Adorable Grooming Styles)

Shaving Golden Retriever

If your Golden retriever’s coat is overgrown and resembles a Chow-chow, that haircut is long overdue.

But can you shave a golden retriever completely? Let’s find out.


It is not advisable to completely shave a Golden retriever. By doing this, you are getting rid of the outer protective coat that helps with thermoregulation. Trimming a golden retriever is the way to go and there are various Golden retriever trimming styles to inspire you.


Trimming instead of shaving is recommended for a Golden retriever.

And if it is your first time to trim a retriever, we have some hairstyle inspiration for you.

Before we get to that, let’s learn more about the unique Golden retriever coat.


Can you shave a Golden retriever?

shaved golden retriever

To some pet parents, shaving a Golden retriever is unheard of.

These dogs derive their name from their coat whose golden hue is attractive.

But to other retriever owners, coat trimming not only makes the dog presentable, but it helps control shedding among other things.


Shaving a Golden retriever completely is detrimental to their health. But trimming the coat has lots of benefits for the dog.



❗ Important

The only time to completely shave a Golden retriever is when instructed by a vet for medical purposes. Other than that, a simple trim will do.



A Golden retriever has a double coat that helps them keep cool and warm.


Retriever dogs are also lively and playful breeds.

They are sweaty by the time they are done playing.


Now imagine throwing a fur coat over your sweaty body.

You are bound to develop a stink once the sweat dries on the coat.

It is the same for Golden retrievers.


Shaved golden retrievers are less likely to stink.

Also, shaving helps reduce or control excessive shedding of fur.


If you live with a retriever, you know he leaves golden fur everywhere he goes (the canine version of the Midas touch?).

Because vacuuming after a Golden retriever can be hectic, shaving the dog offers a lifelong solution for minimizing shaving.


Which brings us to the next question.


When should you shave a Golden retriever?

The best time to start trimming a Golden retriever is when they are at least 11 weeks old.

By this time, their fur coat is fully grown and sheds more often.


❗ Important

Golden retriever puppies mature in their 2nd year. This is a good time to introduce grooming to them.


The earlier you introduce grooming, the quicker the dog gets used to it.

Then you can introduce the three trendy cuts famous with shaved Golden retrievers.


How to shave a Golden retriever

  1. Find a raised surface to access the fur coat better
  2. Use small and large scissors to trim the coat. Never use an electric shaver as it can go too deep or create unnatural lines on the coat.
  3. Only trim the top hairs of a Golden retriever’s coat
  4. Never trim through to the undercoat unless you are instructed by a vet
  5. Trim the coat in the direction of the hairs. This helps create a natural trimmed look.
  6. Comb the coat as you trim. It helps you access overgrown top hairs easily
  7. Use a small pair of scissors when
  8. Always trim lightly from the top. If you start noticing skin, you have gone too deep
  9. Give the dog a nice brush after the haircut.
  10. Voila! Your Golden retriever just received his first hair cut

VIDEO: How to Groom Golden Retriever


Without further ado, here are 3 classic Golden retriever cuts to try;



❗ Important

You should only try these styles if you have experience in shaving Golden retrievers. If not, hire a professional to do it.



Golden retriever Haircut styles


Simple grooming cut

This cut is mainly for trimming down excess fur and neat up a Golden retriever’s coat.


Scissors or trimming shears are preferred over electric clippers. For this cut;

  • Trim excess top hair with a pair of scissors
  • Follow the natural flow of the dog’s fur. You want to achieve a nice rounded look on the fur as opposed to trimming the dog skinny.
  • Trim the tail hairs to neatly align to the dog’s hock. Hold the tail up and trim down in a smooth curve. Never clip the tip as you risk hurting the dog
  • Balance and symmetry are the two important words for this look.


The summer cut

A perfect look for your Golden retriever to rock in summer.

This cut requires clippers to create a smooth finished look.


The result is a slim-looking retriever with a smooth shiny coat.

  • With a pair of clippers, trim down the topcoat following the outline of the dog’s body
  • Start from the rear working your way to the head
  • Trim the tail, the hocks, and between the legs.
  • Trim the back and work your way towards the underbelly
  • Clip the front legs too as you move up to the neck.
  • Be careful not to trim too much hair and expose the skin

This cut is recommended for when it gets too hot in summers.

Trimming the coat down helps the Golden retriever cool faster.


The Teddy Cut

This trim is for when you want to turn your Golden retriever into the adorable Paddington.

The trick here is to trim the whole body while living the tail and legs bushy.


You will need clippers and a pair of scissors for the job.

  • Comb the dog’s coat to remove tangles and dead skin
  • With an O clipper comb attached, start clipping from the back to the front
  • Trimming the entire coat leaving the tail, hock, and paws intact. You will go over these areas with a pair of scissors.
  • Using a curved pair of scissors, trim the hock in a half-moon shape
  • Also, trim the paws to resemble those of a cat. Use curving and thinning shears for a pristine look
  • Unlike the Simple groomed look, here you trim the hocks down while lightly snipping at the tail. The tail hair should remain long to touch the hock or go over it.
  • Finally, check for overlooked spots and go over them with the clipper or shears



There you have it! Only trim your Golden retriever as opposed to shaving him completely.

And if you are looking for inspiration, we have three classic cuts that will suit your retriever.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Get a nice soft comb to regularly brush a Golden retriever’s coat. This will help get rid of tangles and potential matting. Wear a face mask for when you need to blow the dog’s coat. The mask protects you from inhaling pet dander.

Golden retrievers grow long hair and are very energetic. Besides providing them with enough exercise to release pent up energy, you also have to regularly groom them. Trimming the coat keeps it neat and prevents bad odor.

A Golden retriever’s coat gets stinky if not washed. It is advisable to wash the dog every 6 weeks to get rid of dirt and bad odor. Use mild pet-friendly detergents to maintain the natural oils on the dog’s coat.

Besides Golden retriever puppies sleeping a lot, they also suffer from a skin condition called Ichthyosis.  This condition causes black scaly or flaky skin to show up on the retriever’s coat. These is merely a genetic defect and will in no way harm your dog.



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