How Long Should You Be Mad at Your Dog?

How Long Should You Be Mad at Your Dog

You go home and see that your favorite book ripped to shreds.


You look around and see the culprit hiding in one corner – yes, it is your dog.


Although it is normal for you to lose your temper for a while and probably tell your dog that he is a “bad boy,” do not prolong it.


How long should you be mad at your dog?

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The longest time you should be mad at your dog is at least 1 minute.


Dogs have the intelligence of at least a 2-3-year-old child, so they can understand why you are mad.


Your dog will remember why you are mad and what it did that made you mad because dogs are intelligent creatures.


Prolonging your anger will make not only your dog feel bad, but surely, it will make you feel bad too.


We know that you do not want to stay mad at your pet for a long time so make sure to help your dog understand what they did wrong and discourage this bad behavior.


After, take the next step and figure out what you can do to help your dog know that the action has upset you.


Walk away

After showing your dog the damage, they did to your belongings and telling them how it is essential to you, and you feel disappointed that they did it, walk away.


It will let you think things through and control your anger, and this will make your dog realize how upset they have made you feel.



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Prevent it from happening again

Look for something your dog hates. Perhaps, an old stuff toy that your dog acts “strangely” around?


Or maybe a specific scent that they hate?


Use whatever it is if it is not toxic and not dangerous to their health.


Put it on top of the thing you want them to stay away from, for instance, your couch or your shoe rack.


This way, your dog will not even bother going near it, let alone play and chew with it if they know that there is something there that makes them feel uncomfortable.



For your sake and the sake of your dog’s happiness, keep your hold out to a minute maximum.


If it is something that you can tolerate, let it pass.


However, if it is something that cannot be put behind and forgotten in a snap, do not just yell at your dog or curse out.


Instead, help your dog understand what it did wrong and the gravity of the situation.


Also, no matter how mad you are, never hit your dog.


Your anger will pass, but your dog will always remember the moment you hurt it, and this might even change its attitude towards you.


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