Why is My Dog So Cuddly All of a Sudden?

Why is My Dog So Cuddly All of a Sudden

Your dog might be one of those who are loving and affectionate, but there might be times when this affection suddenly becomes a bit “too much”.


Although it is not a bad thing, everyone wants extra loving from their pets, but this sudden behavior change might have some underlying causes.


In today’s article, we will be answering the question, “Why is my dog so cuddly all of a sudden?”


1. Medical problems

If only your dog can talk, they will tell you outright how they feel, but they cannot.


Your dog can only show you that it is not feeling well by being extra cuddly, affectionate, or clingy.


It is your dog’s way of asking you if everything will be okay, and the love you are giving them is their reassurance that everything will turn out fine.


To figure out if your dog is ill, keep an open eye out and see if there are other changes present in your dog.


Did their eating habits also change?


Are they eating lesser than they do before?


How about your dog’s bowel movement?


If you think that something is wrong with your dog, seek a veterinarian right away.


2. Signs of aging

Your dog being extra clingy all of a sudden might also be an early sign of aging.


Your dog tends to be more affectionate and cuddlier because it was slowly losing the energy it had when younger.


Your dog can also be extra clingy to show that it depends on you.


Either its eyesight is gradually fading, or maybe its sense of hearing us, and it knows that it needs your help – someone it loves and trusts, to help it navigate its way through life.



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3. Sensing illness

Dogs have 200 million receptors, and this helps them detect even the slightest change in your body.


Just as dogs know when a woman is pregnant and tries to protect her and her baby, dogs can also detect other possible illnesses like cancer.


They can even notice when a seizure is about to happen or if you are sad, mad, and afraid.


These different emotions and feelings produce various scents, and the dogs can pick up on them.


4. Cheering you up

Your dog might be acting so cuddly, clingy, and affectionate because they are trying to cheer you up.


As previously mentioned, your dog can also detect the change in your emotion, for instance, if you are feeling sad.


Your dog wants to let you know that you can count on it just as it can count on you, and the only way they know how to make you happy is by giving you warm hugs and cuddles.



There are many reasons why your dog is cuddly.


Just make sure to observe the signs in case the cause is a medical condition.


In that case, make sure to get in touch with your vet immediately.


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