Why Does my Dog Keep Checking-up on Me?

Why Does my Dog Keep Checking-up on Me

Being updated and regularly checked up by your family and friends, whether you are doing good, is a very appreciable deed.


Nothing beats the thought of having someone close by to be there for you when hitting the curb.


But would that same degree of appreciation be expressed if the one that keeps checking up on you is your dog?


Dogs are known to be loving and jolly beings.


But what is the reason behind their constant curiosity and repeated checking up on you?


Let us try to find out!


Why Does My Dog Check-Up on Me?

curious looking dog


Below is the list of reasons why dogs keep checking up on you.


And for your information, there is more to it than merely their affection towards you.


They are guarding you

Perhaps it is no longer new information that pet owners own some dogs, not only because they are good fluffy boys, but also to safeguard their homes.


And a manifestation of their guardianship is their constant checking-up on you.


Remember that in contrast to cats, dogs realize your authority over them.


Thus, you are the alpha of the pack.


So, they make sure that their masters are kept safe and sound.


These characteristics are more common in some breeds than others. Some include:


They are curious

Remember that dogs have a sense of smell and hearing that towers over the capability of humans.


Aside from that, they are also naturally curious.


Every time you open that bag of chips, or loudly sip from your soda bottle or simply laugh.


They are there, watching you closely.


Before you get creeped out, dogs can be like that.


Their clingy nature makes them want to be a part of whatever it is your doing.


You are their human, after all.


Either that or they are hungry.


Please do not make your dog’s tummy grumble by letting your dog watch you eat. Feed your dog, and all is well.



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They have separation anxiety

Separation anxiety can also happen to dogs when your dog manifests stress responses like panic, crying, or angry barking when you leave them by themselves at home.


It might appear cute at first.


But the separation anxiety is so intense that you no longer have personal time of your own.


They are there everywhere you go, even in the bathroom.


If this behavior is apparent, the best solution is to stop the separation anxiety by training and conditioning them that being temporarily away is okay.


If your dog simply checks up on you from time to time, it is not separation anxiety.


They love you! 

Dogs are the most loving creatures out there.


Their affinity towards you is not dependent on how you look that day or whether you have taken a shower or not.


Dogs love you for who you are. And when they check up on you now and then, it is an expression of their love.


They check to see whether you are close by because it assures them when they see your presence.



Dogs are simply amazing.


Their occasional visits to where you are sitting and what you are doing are simply part of what they are.


They check up on you because they respect, and most importantly, love you.


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