How to Tell If Your Chihuahua Is Pregnant?

How to Tell If Your Chihuahua Is Pregnant

Chihuahuas are common puppy breeds known for their cute and tiny figure.


Most people regard them as “purse puppies” because they can fit inside purses and totes.


But sometimes, because they are so small, it is difficult to tell when they are pregnant.


Some ways you can tell if a chihuahua is pregnant is when they have swollen bellies and fluctuating energy levels. It is the time when they are less active and when they are more withdrawn from their usual play and goofing around.


However, there are other symptoms to consider as well.


The most accurate way of knowing is with x-rays and tests.


But these are a few of the common pregnancy signs which you can observe right away.


In this article, we got you covered as we let you in on all the facts about chihuahua pregnancy.


A Background on Chihuahuas

chihuahua on white background


Chihuahuas got their name after a small town in Mexico.


They are born small because of selective breeding.


Chihuahua’s have almost the same size as a pint.


Most chihuahuas only weigh less than six pounds.


But what happens to the larger breeds, you ask.


They undergo spaying (female) or castration for males.


Chihuahuas come second as the most euthanized dogs in the United States. It is because their population grew big.


We associate chihuahuas with phrases like purse puppies or lap dogs.


It is their nature to be sweet and territorial.


They snuggle when they are feeling cold.


These tiny creatures would never miss a day without laying on your lap or between your legs.


  • Chihuahuas can be sensitive to noise.
  • They often feel cold because they have thin outer coats.
  • They can also be tenacious and aggressive.
  • Some tend to suffer from illnesses related to their heart.
  • They are easy to train and intelligent.
  • Some are susceptible to hypoglycemia. But pet owners can prevent this by feeding them a balanced meal regularly.
  • They are needy and relatively high maintenance. Although, a particular type of chihuahua has varying needs from one another.


Ways to Get a Chihuahua Puppy

Getting a chihuahua puppy would need a lot of research and work.


You may opt for adoption offered by some animal centers or use the expertise of a natural breeder.


Telltale Signs They’re Pregnant

A pregnant chihuahua


You need to know the signs of pregnancy in your pet chihuahua.


It is for the purpose that you are aware of when to give immediate gestation care.


A four- to seven-month-old chihuahua is already capable of conception.


It is a period which breeders often call the first heat cycle.


But breeders often, by recommendation, wait until the second heat cycle.


Pregnancy in chihuahuas is a little risky for them due to their pint-sized physique.


Most of them had to give birth through a cesarean section.


Here is a list of symptoms you can check:

  • They seem weak and lethargic. Chihuahuas are sweet and often high-spirited, that the change in their mood and energy levels is immense and prominent when they are pregnant.
  • Their appetite is declining. It is often the result of an upset stomach which is a human equal to morning sickness.
  • They got swollen nipples and emerging teats.
  • You can observe a growing belly in chihuahuas. It usually occurs approximately two weeks after trying to breed. The growth happens relatively faster than other dog breeds.
  • The pet tries to clean itself more frequently as though it is nesting.


Pet Parents’ Do’s and Don’ts

You may have the natural tendency to get anxious when your pet chihuahua is going to deliver puppies.


We outlined below the things you can start doing and those you cannot do before and after your pet’s pregnancy.


  • Take note of the following days:

* 15 days to a month after the chihuahuas conceive, their belly will start growing in size.

* Within 45 days and onwards, an x-ray can now reveal the puppies inside the belly.

* Within only two months, pregnant chihuahuas may begin labor.


  • Beware of these alarming situations. If any of these happens, rush your chihuahua to the vet for immediate care:

* Your pet is still pregnant beyond two months.

* It whimpers and cries as though it is in unbearable pain.

* Its temperature dropped, but it delivered no puppies.

* It is conceiving more than one puppy, but the delivery is inconsistent. No more puppies are coming out after it delivered the first one.


  • Consult and seek help from a veterinarian. The vet has the expertise to oversee the pregnancy process and run the necessary tests.
  • To know how many puppies are within the tiny chihuahua belly, the vet must conduct an x-ray.
  • Feed your pet with a nutritious diet.



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Moreover, here are the things you should avoid doing:

  • Do not allow your pet to jump or do vigorous exercise when pregnant.
  • Do not insist on activity when your pet is getting enough rest or refusing to move due to lethargy.
  • Don’t let your chihuahua roam around unsupervised. Be more cautious when it is an un-neutered female to avoid mating with larger breeds. It might complicate pregnancy.
  • Do not punish your dog for its mood changes and lack of appetite.


Key Takeaway

Chihuahuas can conceive many puppies despite their tiny size.


They are needy by nature and more so when they are pregnant.


The most common signs of pregnancy are lethargy and swollen belly and nipples.


You need to know the signs to plan the steps to take and what actions to avoid when living with a pregnant chihuahua.


One major thing to avoid is leaving your chihuahua out of sight when it can mate with dogs of larger breeds.


It poses a risk in case the mating results in pregnancy.


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