Ragdoll vs Maine Coon – Spot The Difference

Ragdoll vs Maine Coon

Choosing between a Main coon and a ragdoll is a tough decision for any feline lover.

Both cats are unique, exquisite, and would be a delight for any pet parent to own.

But if you still want to know how to choose between Maine coon vs ragdoll, then read on.


The Maine coon and Ragdoll cats share some physical features. They have wedge-shaped heads although the Ragdoll’s cheeks are chubbier. You will also notice the large paws in both felines with tufts around the pads. The Maine Coon has large puffy ears while a Ragdoll’s are smaller and more proportionate.



ragdoll and maine coon

No one knows how the Main Coon cat came into existence.

But the feline’s name suggests that it hails from the rocky coastal town of Main in the United States.

The second name coon alludes to the cat’s tail that resembles that of a raccoon.


The Ragdoll cat is born and raised in the USA too.

She is a product of accident breeding that involved two street cats.


The first Ragdoll litter was unique and exquisite to look at, inspiring breeders to continue experimenting with this new breed of cat.



At first glance, the Main Coon is a towering giant while the ragdoll looks like a normal-sized house cat.

Maine coons are known to grow as tall as 16inches and as long as 32 inches.

A full-grown Maine Coon weighs about 10 to 25 pounds.


Both the Main Coon and Ragdoll are prized for their exquisite coats.

A Maine coon flaunts around a medium coat that has thick under hairs.

Some Maine coons may have long wavy hair that often appears as shaggy.


The Ragdoll cat has a long coat too which is soft and fluffy, she has no undercoat which makes her look less hairy than a Maine coon.


Maine coon and ragdoll comparison chart


Both cats are said to have water-resistant coats.

The Maine coon’s coat is 100% water-resistant thanks to the top and undercoat being both water-resistant.

The ragdoll only has a top coat which is not 100% water-resistant.


If you watch the Maine Coon’s and Ragdoll’s necks closely, you will notice what looks like a mane.

But the Main Coon has a longer neck making his mane more pronounced than the ragdolls.

The ragdoll’s mane is only handy for keeping warm in winter.



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When mentioning a Maine Coon and Ragdoll’s coat, you cannot fail to mention their beautiful colors.

The Main Coon has a plethora of coat colors ranging from black, white, grey, brown, cream, and blue.

This feline also has the most brilliant of patterns from solid, tabby, smoke, tortoiseshell, and shaded.

The tabby shade has additional variations described as classic, mackerel, and patched.


For the ragdoll, the main coat colors are chocolate, cream, blue, lilac, seal, and red.

The coat patterns are either bi-colored, mitted, tortie, colorpoint, and lynx.

Like the Maine coon, the Ragdoll has various point-colors and one popular one is the flame point coat.



🐱 ️ Fun fact

Most ragdoll kittens are born with a pure white coat. They start getting their point colors as they grow older.



Besides a brilliant coat, Maine coon and ragdoll cats are prized for their well-mannered nature.



Walk up to a Maine coon or Ragdoll and they will pawshake you with a smile.

They love people and being around people.

Both cats thrive in environments where they give and receive love.



What greater gift than the love of a cat

-Charles Dickens



The Main coon cat is the extrovert of the two.

He is reserved at first if you are a stranger but once he gets to know you, the extrovert kicks in.

He will purr, nuzzle his cheek on you, slow blink you, or climb on your lap and let you pet him.


Ragdolls are the complete opposite.

They are introverts in the presence of strangers.

They will run and hide and not show up until you are gone.

Their affection is only for the people they love, trust, and care for.

But do not fret, once you show a Ragdoll that you care, they too will warm up to you.


The Ragdoll gets its name from the habit of relaxing and lazing their bodies in your arms.

You can carry a Ragdoll all day and they will not move a muscle the whole time.

VIDEO: Why They’re Called Ragdolls


If you want a gentle and affectionate cat, the Maine coon and Ragdoll are perfect candidates.

Both cats are described as ‘gentle giants’ because of how quiet and docile they are.


Do not let the laid-back demeanor fool you.

Both cats spring to life when it is playtime.

Maine coon and Ragdoll cats love playing fetch and any other game that requires moderate energy.



When it comes to compatibility, there is no big difference between a Maine coon vs ragdoll cat.

You will be pleased to know that both cats make great house companions.


The ragdoll loves to be held, babied around, and would even let you tickle his belly.

The Maine coon is okay with sitting close by as you type away on your computer or enjoy your favorite show.


When preparing yourself to go for a walk, a Maine coon will be more than glad to join you.

They do love their indoor life but don’t mind venturing out once in a while.


A ragdoll loves their indoor life and is never curious about life on the outside.

VIDEO: Maine Coon vs Ragdoll



Are you comparing a Maine coon vs ragdoll?

The truth is, they are both great cats that are affectionate, playful, and very gentle.

The Main coon is outgoing and loves the outdoors while the Ragdoll loves human contact and will be loyal to only you.


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Frequently Asked Questions

A Ragdoll kitten can cost $400 while an adult would cost $2000. A show quality Ragdoll will cost as much as $2500.

Maine coon cats are more outdoorsy but very cautious compared to Ragdoll cats. Ragdolls prefer staying indoors and are more likely to get in trouble when they go outside.

Though Main coons are more outgoing, Ragdoll is considered more affectionate. They enjoy pets and cuddles more and play possum in your hands, hence the name Ragdoll.

Maine coon and Ragdoll are docile and quiet cats. But the Maine coon can be more vocal than a Ragdoll. Ragdolls are usually shy and only get lively around their owners.


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