Why Do Cats Hump Blankets?

Why Do Cats Hump Blankets

What does it mean when a cat humps blanket?

Cats have an array of bizarre habits and blanket humping tops the list.

So, should you encourage cat humping blanket behavior?


A cat humps blanket for several reasons. Anxiety and pent up energy are two reasons for this behavior. Your cat could also hump blanket out of the frustration of being ignored or when they want to show dominance. Both male and female cats exhibit blanket humping behavior.


When you notice your cat humping blanket, know that it is not the only thing they want to hump.

Felines are known to hump other things like pillows, sofas, and their toys.

Some cats would target humans and other pets in the house.


What does cat humping blanket mean?

cat humping a blanket

Common reasons why your cat humps blanket include;

  • Pent up energy
  • Sudden changes in their environment
  • Feeling ignored
  • Trauma
  • A show of dominance


Pent up energy

Cats that do not get enough exercise end up with a lot of pent up energy in them.

This energy, if not expelled through play and bonding, will get released in destructive ways, like a cat humping blanket.

Active cats, like the Lynx point Siamese, are more likely to develop a humping behavior.



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Environmental changes

Cats like their environment as it is without any sudden changes.

The slightest change like a new family member (ready cute cuddly baby) or another pet (especially a cat) can cause trouble in your cat.

Also, moving homes can cause behavioral problems in a cat.



Cats can be cooperative when something feels good, which, to a cat, is the way everything is supposed to feel as much of the time as possible

-Roger Caras



So a cat humping blanket could be a sign that the pet is feeling anxious.

They are feeling their personal space threatened and do not know any other way to communicate their frustration.


Attention seeking

Though cats are known for their independent nature, they still don’t like being ignored.

They can tell when you are ignoring them and will do anything to grab your attention.


Cats can work out mathematically the exact place to sit that will cause most inconvenience

-Pam Brown


Now you know why your cat likes to walk all over your computer keyboard.

If the ignoring continues, it can motivate the cat to try something more impactful, like humping the blanket.

VIDEO: Cat humps blanket



Past hurts or recovery from surgery can cause trauma on your cat.

In their bid to seek comfort from the pain, they can result in odd behavior like peeing on your clothes or humping your beddings.


A show of Dominance

We know, it sounds weird but a humping behavior is a sign of dominance in the feline world.


Here, the cat is not humping a blanket but an actual cat of the same sex.

This is the opposite of a cat growing anxious in the presence of a new cat.

If the current cat feels dominant, pinning the other cat down in a humping position is a way of showing who’s boss.

Once the other cat submits, the habit will usually stop.

Only show concern when your cat goes beyond humping and starts bullying the other cat.


Does a female cat hump the blanket?

Female cat

Yes, female cats have a humping behavior too but they do not do it with blankets.

Instead, a Queen would discipline its kittens by grabbing their neck and pinning them down in a humping position.

This is purely for correctional purposes and you will notice the female cat growling to warn the kitten.


How can you stop cat humping blanket behavior?

Cat with blanket in its mouth

When you notice your feline has a blanket humping behavior, your first cause of action is not to scold him.

Harsh words or physical mistreatment can only worsen the behavior or cause emotional damage to the cat.


A good alternative is to anticipate when the habit is about to happen.


There are a few tell-tale signs to look out for;

  • The cat’s eyes look dilated which is a sign of arousal. You will also notice your cat kneading and biting the blanket
  • Your cat, all of a sudden, becomes too affectionate. They are rubbing themselves against you and purring more than usual. It is a sign of arousal and could encourage your feline to hump on fabric or your skin.
  • Meowing and purring excessively. This is accompanied by kneading. All signs that your cat is about to hump on you.


Steps to stop cat humping blanket behavior


1. Exercise your cat

Playing with your cat is important to release pent-up energy.

Get your cat lots of toys to keep him busy as you go about your day.

As long as he releases pent-up energy, he will not get tempted to hump your blankets.


2. Spay/neuter your cat

Neutering your cat when he or she is a kitten can help prevent blanket humping behavior.

For a nursing feline, ‘humping’ their kitten, for disciplinary measures, is normal and temporary.


3. Do not make any sudden changes

If introducing a new cat into your home, try and keep both cats separated.

Identify two rooms to keep the cats in.

After a few hours or a day, switch the cats so they each occupy the room the other cat was in.

This helps the cats familiarize themselves with each other’s scents.


If you are moving homes, ensure you maintain the cat’s routine.

Keep his old toys and stuff so he can always have something familiar to comfort him in the new home.



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4. Show your cat attention

Ignoring your cat can make them grow pet anxiety.

Always find time to spend with your cat.

Play with them or read a book while the cat sits on your lap.

Regular grooming also helps you bond with your cat.



Cat humping blanket is a normal behavior in the feline world.

It can be funny to watch your cat do it and even take interesting videos of him.

But if it annoys you when your cat humps a blanket, you can train them to stop.


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Frequently Asked Questions

A cat will bite and knead blanket to scent mark it or find comfort. Some cats bite and knead blankets to mimic the suckling motion when they were kittens. Some cat breeds like the Siamese are more likely to exhibit this behavior.

This could be a sign that your cat has pent up energy. Exercising your cat helps release that energy and stop the humping behavior. If the humping continues, it could be any of the other reasons we covered.

Spaying or neutering does not take your cat’s sex drive completely. It only reduces the cat’s desire for sex. The cat can still get aroused when in the presence of another cat in heat.

Spaying or neutering is one of the ways to stop cat humping blanket behavior. It is advisable to spay or neuter the cat while it is still a kitten. It may be harder to stop the humping behavior on an older cat by neutering them.


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