Why Do Cats Shake Their Heads When They Eat?

Why Do Cats Shake Their Heads When They Eat

Cats are funny creatures – one minute they love you, the next minute, they don’t.


They will let you rub their bellies but will start to claw on your hands if you do it just a second longer.


These beautiful creatures are very unpredictable, and one thing you might be wondering about is how they behave whenever they are eating.


Today, we will answer the question, “Why do cats shake their head when they eat?”


They want to get small food pieces.

There are times when you see your cat diving its head into the food bowl and shaking its head.


It may leave you wondering, “Is my cat trying to drown itself in food?”.


Well, the answer is quite simple — sometimes, your cat shakes its head while eating because they want to get to the smaller food pieces so they can chew faster and easier.


Your cat might be having digestive problems.

Cats may also shake their heads when they have digestive problems.


One of the most common reasons why your cat is shaking or even trembling is Hypoglycemia.


According to one study conducted by PubMed, this complication happens when the sugar level in your pet’s blood decreases.


One reason for this is prolonged fasting.


So, if your cat has not eaten anything for quite some time, chances are, they can suffer from this complication.


However, even if you feed your cat often, they may still suffer from Hypoglycemia.


To avoid this, make sure that you are giving your pet a balanced diet and schedule their feeding time to help prevent these problems in the future.


Your cat is thanking you.

If your cat shakes its head while eating, it may also mean that the food you have given is “superb,” and they are thanking you in their way.


It is their expression of gratitude and their way of telling you that they like the food you have given very much!


These reasons are less cause for worry.


What you need to worry about is when this shaking becomes frequent because it may mean something else.



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Frequent head shaking in cats.

What if your cat keeps on shaking its head even if it is not eating?


Here are the possible reasons your cat might be suffering from:

  • Ear infection
  • Ear mites
  • A foreign body is inside its ear.
  • They are suffering an injury (probably from a fall or an accident)
  • They have a skin disease.
  • There is a lump or something is growing in their ear.


VIDEO: Cat Shakes Her Head While Eating



If your cat is shaking its head frequently or if you start to notice anything unusual, do not try to look at its ears or insert something inside it because this may cause an even bigger problem.


Bring your cat to see the vet and ask for a series of tests to ensure that your cat is safe and healthy.


Remember, be a responsible pet owner.


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