Why Do Cats Chatter at Laser Pointers?

Why Do Cats Chatter at Laser Pointers

Almost every cat person used a laser pointer and let their cat chase that small and glowing red dot.


It is incredible how cats fall for this trick every single time and how they get so frustrated whenever they cannot catch that small dot.


You might have noticed something strange in your cat’s behavior whenever you are letting them chase a laser pointer.


Before you panic and start to run your cat to the Vet, let us find out in today’s article the answer to the long-standing question: “Why Do Cats Chatter at Laser Pointers?”


Cats usually make a chirping or a chattering sound for a variety of reasons.


Here are some of them:


They are showing interest

cat staring at laser pointer


Whenever your cat is interested in something, they make a chirping or a chattering sound.


You might notice this every time your cat sees a bird fly by the window or a lizard crawling on the wall.


They start to make these weird chattering sounds as if trying to communicate something.


Well, according to experts, this is their way of showing interest.


So when you see your cat making chattering noises at the laser pointer, do not worry, They are just interested in that small glowing red dot.



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Their predatory instinct is kicking in

cat watching a mouse


Cats chatter because of their predatory instinct.


they usually create these chirping noises whenever they see birds, rodents, and other small animals they want to hunt and catch.


Cats, by nature, are very territorial and are predatory animals.


So whenever they see that laser pointer you are using, they are showing that small red dot that there is only one king in your house – your cat!


They are showing signs of frustration

A frustrated cat


Finally, cats chirp or chatter to show their frustration.


Whenever they cannot catch a bird because there is a window acting as a barrier, or the lizard is too high on the ceiling, your cat might chatter to express their frustration.


The same goes with laser pointers – after all, who will not be frustrated after running after a laser pointer all day without catching it even once?



Do not worry about your cat acting “weird” whenever prey (or a laser pointer) is around them.


There are many reasons why a cat chatters or chirps, but those that remain to be on the top are frustration, showing interest, and their predatory nature kicking in.


It is normal behavior for cats, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with this.


Although, if it starts to look like your cat is starting to get way too frustrated, then maybe you can put off the laser pointer joke for a while and cuddle with them while binge-watching your favorite TV series.


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