All About Corgi and Beagle Mix (Corgle Facts To Know)

All About Corgi and Beagle Mix

If you think Corgis and Beagles are cute, wait till you see a Corgle (also known as a Beagi)!


A Corgle is a Corgi Beagle mix with a unique look and characteristics of a corgi and a beagle.


A Corgi Beagle Mix is known as a small designer dog, weighing between 10 to 20 pounds. These pups have short bodies and long floppy ears. They also have a double coat, with a soft coat on top and a thick and short one below.


This mix is usually known to be friendly, lively, and energetic.


Corgles love attention and showing affection, meaning that they don’t do well if they are left alone.


However, these dogs are also protective, alert, and territorial in certain circumstances.


As every dog is different, it can sometimes be hard to predict their qualities and personalities.


Whether you want to know more about Corgles or if you are wondering if they are suitable for you, read more to find out some facts about this mix that may surprise you.



As the temperament of a crossbreed varies per dog, the best way to find out about its personality is through their purebred parents.


Corgis are typically quirky and intelligent however can be impatient at times.


This means that they may not get along with younger children.


While beagles are friendlier, getting along with everyone, and easy to please.


As both corgis and beagles are affectionate and loyal, they do not like being left alone for several hours.


Thus, a Corgi Beagle mix would also not like to be left alone for hours.


This means that if you are thinking of getting this mix, you will need a flexible work schedule to be able to attend to your dog’s needs.



corgle appearance
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Similarly, first-generation crossbreeds vary depending on their purebred parents — this includes their physical appearance.


Taking a look at their parents may help guess what your Corgi Beagle Mix may look like.


There are 2 main corgi types, the Pembroke Welsh Corgi and the Cardigan Welsh Corgi that may be bred.


Both these breeds have different appearances, with the Pembroke Welsh Corgi being of a bigger size and a short-haired coat while the Cardigan Welsh Corgi being smaller with smaller ears and a denser coat.


Beagles typically have long ears, brown eyes, and a smooth coat.


They also come in 7 different colors.


As Beagles and Corgis look different, owners who are wondering what their dog may look like should expect a variety of appearances and sizes.



Depending on their purebred parents, these dogs may need different grooming care.


Overall, grooming for this breed is relatively easy as Beagles and Corgis have smooth and short coats.


This type of coat sheds seasonally and needs moderate brushing and baths.


This means that you should be brushing your Corgles 2–3 times a week.


During grooming, you should also check if your dog has any infections or if they are hydrated and moisturized.



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Life Expectancy

The Corgles have a life span of 10-15 years, depending on their parent breed.


They may also be prone to health issues that are apparent in his parents.


To be safe, owners should have an early health screening for their pup to take note of any foreseeable health concerns.


Do note that this breed is prone to obesity — try to stick to a feeding schedule and have a fixed amount of food for them each day.


A normal diet recommended for dogs is also applicable for this breed.


The amount you give them will also depend on his age, size, activity level, and health.



As Corgles are full of energy, they need plenty of exercises.


Make sure your dog gets enough exercise and playtime for them to stay happy and healthy.


The Beagle Corgi Mix loves to bond with its owners — take them out for walks and play with them in the park!


Let your Corgles be exposed to other people and dogs in their early days and train them from the start.


Having early socialization and obedience training when they are puppies will be beneficial to them in the long run!



beagle corgi mix dog


This breed is fairly easy to train if you do it at a young age.


Let them be exposed to different people and introduce them to other dogs and animals.


Your pup should have a positive experience when training to ensure that they are well adjusted.


However, Beagle Corgi Mixes can be stubborn at times.


Some things you can do to help the process if he is being stubborn is to switch things up, from their treats to how they are being trained.


How Much Do They Cost

Corgles cost from $200 to $1000, depending on where you buy them.


Other factors that may contribute to his cost include:

  • Age
  • Pedigree
  • Vaccines
  • Country costs


When finding a Corgle for yourself, meet its parents and its breeder to see your future pup’s environment and how it may act and look.


When searching for a Beagle Corgi Mix, do remember to ask as many questions as you want to the breeder.


A responsible breeder would be able to answer all your questions from its parents’ personality to any potential health issues.



While this breed is not recognized by the American Kennel Club, as it is a hybrid breed, they are recognized by the American Canine Hybrid Club and the Dog Registry.



While the Beagle Corgi Mix can be difficult at times, they are usually a happy ball of energy and will perk up anyone’s day.


If taken care of well, they will be a loyal and affectionate companion for you.


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