Can Dogs Eat Celeriac?

Can Dogs Eat Celeriac

Quite a lot of what we eat, we often share with our dogs.


Most of these foods tend to be meat-based.


But how about vegetables, especially celery?


Celery is a common vegetable that you can easily buy at your local market and grocery store.


It is a well-known companion for many dishes like carrot sticks, hot wings, and more.


But will your dog also enjoy such a treat?


Read more below.


Can I Give My Dog Celeriac?

celeriac for dogs


Celeriac or celery root is an excellent source of minerals and vitamins such as:

  • Iron
  • Calcium
  • Copper
  • Phosphorus
  • Manganese
  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin K
  • Vitamin C


The vegetable is also a good source of fiber and has low-calorie levels.


Hence, it makes quite a good snack to feed to your dog.


Aside from the nutrients, celeriac can also do wonders for your dog’s breath.


However, remember to cook them first and feed it to your dog in small amounts.


Celeriac has high carbohydrate content, which can increase digestive gas.


How Should I Prepare It?

sliced celeriac for dogs


You can give celeriac to your dog, either raw or cooked.


Do also remember to cut it into small pieces, especially when you plan to feed it raw, as your dog might choke on it.


Though we still recommend serving them cooked and mixed with your dog’s regular meals.


Celeriac is not enough as a replacement, but it is an excellent supplement with their daily meals.


We also recommend giving small test bites to your dog.


Not all dogs can accept the taste of celeriac immediately.


So, you need to provide them with small samplers first added to meals to help gradually introduce the taste to them.


After they take to the taste of cooked celeriac, you can start by giving them small raw pieces.



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What Else Should I Consider?

Although celeriac is healthy for your dog, some dogs have more sensitive stomachs than others.


So, when you give your dog celeriac, try to observe their reaction first.


Celeriac contains lots of water, which can induce excessive urination.


Your dog might also get an upset stomach or even diarrhea. That is why we recommend giving them small amounts first.


Also, since celeriac is not enough to replace a complete meal, you can give the treat as a supplement.


According to the American Kennel Club, treats like celeriac and similar others only comprise about 10% of your dog’s diet.


Your dog needs to have variety in their meals so that they can get as many nutrients as possible in their diet.


If you are considering giving your dog celeriac, then do so.


Celeriac is a high source of vitamins and minerals that is excellent for your dog’s growth and health.


They are easy to prepare and can become special treats for your dog.


But the taste may always be a crowd-pleaser for your dog, so take time to introduce the flavor to your pooch first.


Also, do remember to cut the celeriac into smaller pieces, so your dog does not choke on it, or it ends up blocking their intestinal tracts.


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