Can Greyhounds Eat Bananas?

Can Greyhounds Eat Bananas

Greyhound can eat bananas and benefit from its fiber.


But too many bananas can cause your hound a stomach upset.


Greyhounds are active dogs with lean bodies.


They need a high-quality diet for strength and energy to keep going.


Once in a while, feeding your greyhound a banana is not bad.


Fruits and veggies form about 10% of Greyhound’s diet.


A greyhound’s diet

greyhound eating


Greyhounds need more proteins and healthy calories to maintain their strong lean bodies.


Vets recommend a 2-cup serving of high-quality kibble mixed with 500g of fresh organic meat.


Divide this portion into two and feed your dog twice a day.


Alternatively, dry kibble can be mixed with lean chicken meat to feed a greyhound.


Mix 2 cups of kibble with about 250g of skinless chicken necks, wings, or breasts.


Add about 250g of ground beef and divide it into two portions.


Adding fruit like banana boosts your dog’s vitamin intake.


Banana packs a lot of vitamin C and Vitamin B6. Like humans, dogs need vitamin C for a healthy immune system.


Vitamin B6 is equally important because helps in;

  • Hormone regulation
  • Glucose generation
  • Improves immune system response
  • Helps in synthesizing niacin
  • Nervous system and blood vessel function


A slice or two of banana has enough potassium and magnesium for your dog.


Potassium is good for muscle growth and nourishing blood vessels.


Magnesium nourishes the bones and helps your dog absorb proteins and vitamins better.


Bananas are rich in healthy fiber too.


Fiber helps your dog digest food better.


Are bananas bad for greyhounds?

banana for greyhound


Bananas are only toxic to greyhounds if they eat too much of them.


Too much fiber in bananas can cause vomiting and diarrhea.


Also, eating banana peels can cause gastric upset in greyhounds.


Bananas contain a lot of sugar which may not be healthy for dogs.


Increased sugar intake can cause obesity and diabetes in greyhounds.


But for this to happen, a dog has to eat a huge amount of bananas which is unlikely.


In most cases, mild gastrointestinal issues are the only symptom.



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How to feed bananas to a greyhound

Bananas should only be fed as a treat to a greyhound.


Do not give the dog a whole banana at once.


Slice it into tiny pieces and let him have a piece per day.


Alternatively, you can use bananas as an ingredient in his favorite treats.


Alternatively, blend bananas with natural yogurt then freeze the mixture into tiny “pupsicles”.


Let your dog have a pupsicle or two to cool off in summer.


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