Can Dogs Eat Pandan?

Can Dogs Eat Pandan

The relationship between dogs and humans has been a special one for hundreds of years.


People have developed such a close attachment to dogs that they consider them their fur babies.


The one thing about having a baby is that people are very careful about what they ingest.


This is the same with dogs, as nobody wants to see their fur baby suffering from a food-related ailment that could have been avoided.


Today, we take the time to look at pandan, to find out whether it’s safe for dogs to eat and what effects it has on dogs.


What is pandan?

Pandan for dogs


Pandan is grown widely in South East Asia and is considered Asia’s vanilla.


It is an herbaceous plant that shares similar features with the palm plant since it’s long, spiky, and bright green.


Its green juice is extracted from the fragrant pandan leaves and used widely in the South East Asia culinary scene.


The green juice is used as a food colorant in rice dishes and baked foods such as rice-based cakes.


It’s also used as an air freshener because of its pleasant smell, and sold as a paste, powder, and extract.



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Can dogs eat Pandan?

Pandan is generally safe for pets like dogs and cats.


Many people use pandan in baking and have been compared to and described as Asia’s vanilla essence which also has the added advantage of having a lower price point.


It can be used in baking a multitude of treats that our furry four-legged friends can eat.


However, when mixed with the following ingredients it can be harmful to dogs.


1. Pandan in desserts

Pandan is used to add flavor to baked desserts such as pandan rice cakes.


However, it is dangerous when mixed with nuts, as dogs are not able to properly digest nuts like almonds, and can this can cause untold damage to their stomachs.


Pecans are known to have high levels of toxins especially when they are left out for a long time.


Some nuts are known to be fatal to dogs such as macadamia nuts.


It’s advisable that when making pandan cakes with the intention of feeding them to dogs, you should avoid mixed nuts as an ingredient.


2. Pandan Mixed with Raisins

Many households enjoy adding raisins to their meals however any pandan baked goods with raisins added to them are toxic to our furry four-legged best friends.


They have been known to cause severe ailments to dogs such as kidney failure and in severe cases have led to death.


3. Pandan as Flavor Enhancer

Pandan has a great sweet aromatic flavor that is used to induce flavor and add a bright minty green color to ice creams.


Whenever it’s hot and humid, people are keen to pop out a cooling and delicious ice cream to cool them down.



As much as it’s tempting to give in to your dog’s yelping for a lick, unless the ice cream is vegan, high amounts of dairy in ice creams can lead to gastrointestinal issues to your dog such as diarrhea.


Final Thoughts

That said, pandan is safe for your dog to eat.


The only caveat is that you should be careful of other ingredients used when making pandan treats that you intend to feed your dog.


This is because not all human foods are safe and some can have lethal repercussions on your dog’s health.


So, what are you waiting for?


Get some pandan today!


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