Do Dogs Think Humans are Cute?

Do Dogs Think Humans are Cute

Dogs are just about the cutest pets we can have.


We even sometimes treat them like our own children or best friend.


And that has something to do with just how cute they can be.


But have you ever wondered, now and then, if dogs have a specific perception of cuteness about us humans?


Do dogs think we are cute? Or anything cute at all?


Well, we are about to find out.


What Do Dogs Think of Us?

From the manner of dogs smacking their legs, taking our blankets, and occupying our laps, they appear to be quite playful and adorable.


But what do they think while they are doing these acts?


Are they cute because they think we are cute?


Or is there any other reason?


Because dogs cannot tell what is going on within their fuzzy brains, we can never really know if they have a concept of cuteness.


But thanks to new advances in neuroimaging research, we are beginning to grasp a clearer understanding of what is occurring within our dog’s skull.


Experts in the field of domesticated pet behavior sciences are now researching the minds of dogs.


And what the studies reveal is particularly favorable for all pet owners: dogs do appear to care for us, and they treat us the same as them.


What Do Dogs Think About Their Human Pals?

dog and his owner in sunset

The discovery is that dogs depend more on humans than their species for love, security, and all in-between.


The strongest brain-based dog evidence that suggests this phenomenon comes from a new brain imaging report on detecting odors in the dog’s brain.


Animal behavior researchers at Emory University taught dogs to lay still in the MRI system and then used functional magnetic resonance imaging to test their neuronal reactions to the relatable and unfamiliar scent of humans and dogs.


Since dogs keep track of the environment by their eyes, the way, these adorable creatures perceive their owner’s smell provides a great deal of possible insight into social conduct.



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The Owner’s Smell is Cute, Dogs Say!

Although our dogs do not see us as cute based on our appearance, science proves that dogs do think of us as cute, just not how we expected them to think so.


Scientists found out that the natural aroma of dog owners can trigger stimulations throughout the parts of the dog’s brain.


Our smell stimulates our dogs into thinking we are cute.


If we smell good, then we are cute.


If we do not, then we are not.


Researches also show a correlation in how dogs and human brains perceive emotionally charged voice noises.


Researchers proved that happy stimuli illuminate the auditory cortex in both humans and dogs.


So, as owners of our beloved pet dogs, we can say that they strongly relate to what we are trying to feel, do, or utter!


In other words, dogs do not appear to take from our slight mood changes as they see or smell changes in our scents.


Instead, they are practically biologically programmed to pick them up.


If they think we are cute, it does not mean we suggested them to think of that.


We are truly cute to them based on our scent!



If you are wondering if your dog thinks that you are cute, then the answer is yes.


But the way we perceive cuteness and how dogs perceive it is different.


While we humans “see” our dogs as cute, our dogs “smell” us as cute.


Now that is sure is something you would not expect.


But all in all, though, congratulations!


You are cute in your dog’s nose!


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