Do Dogs Know if They Have a Good Life?

Do Dogs Know if They Have a Good Life

Perhaps the idea of whether your dog knows if they have a good life or not has not entered your thoughts.


For all we know, every time we come home to our furry friends, and they wag their tails or go skipping, then everything is okay.


But there is more to it than meets the eye.


When we are out, and dogs are wagging their tails and skipping.


We often associate these behaviors are signs of happiness.


And they are. But are they the only tell-tale signs?


We usually only see them at specific moments and are associated with things.


What about their life in general though, do you think dogs enjoy their life?


Well, we will soon find out.


How Do I Know My Dog Is Happy?

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For us to understand more about dogs and their happiness, we must first understand their temperaments.


Dogs are just like 2-year old kids.


They are unable to speak.


They are very active.


They pretty much undergo the same hormonal changes as toddlers in their early years.


But most importantly, they can experience primary emotions like anger, fear, and happiness.


Happiness is always an ingredient that makes up for a good life.


Therefore, to understand if dogs have a good experience, ask this question: is my dog happy?


Dogs do know when they are happy and have a good life.


Their inability to speak does not limit them because they communicate their emotions through body language.


Below are signs that indicate when your dog is happy:


  • Relaxed eyes (they do soft and playful gazes)
  • Laid-back ears
  • Relaxed mouth with tongue out
  • Wiggling of the tail (sometimes coupled with hip movement)
  • Skipping or dancing
  • Sleeping with exposed tongue
  • Laying on their backs displaying their belly (Why? because their stomachs are their most vulnerable part. If they show you that, then it means they are at peace around you)
  • Doing play bows (a position where their chests and front legs are on the floor while they raise their rear is an invitation to play!)


These are some signs that show when dogs are happy, generally experiencing a good life.


If your dogs do this around you, then congratulations!


Your dog is satisfied with your care.


But if not, then there seems to be something wrong with your dog-momma game.


Worry not, for we will provide tips on how to give your furry roommate a happy life!



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A Healthy Dog is a Happy Dog

Of course, food is the main factor for your dog’s happiness as well.


For your dogs to be happy, you must supplement their diets with nutritious and yummy food.


How can you expect a dog to be skipping if they do not even have the amount of energy needed to be active?


Playtime with You

Remember that you are their parents.


Ever seen kids that rebel because their parents “do not have much time for them?


Well, dogs can feel that way too.


Make sure to spend time playing with them during the weekends or after work. Make them feel like you care for them.


Spending time with the gang

Dogs are pack animals. Descending from wolves, they still have that inclination to be in packs.


Bringing dogs to the park where they can play with other friendly dogs will do.


Of course, immersing them back in their original culture and playing with similar friends will surely make them happy.



There you have it. Observe the sign that your dogs are showing, and you will know whether they have a good life or not.


Dogs know how to appreciate things too.


So, if you want your dog to be happy, make sure that they are well-fed, well-taken cared of, and have a strong bond with you.


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