Can Dogs Sense When You Don’t Like Them?

Can Dogs Sense When You Don’t Like Them

Being friends with dogs is relatively easy.


You can instantly buy their trust with yummy treats and magical belly rubs.


It, however, goes for people who like to be friends with dogs.


But what about those who are not fond of dogs.


Can our furry friends’ doggy-sense feel when a person does not like them?


Well, know more below.


Things People Do That Dogs Are Not Fond Of

dog with concerned look


There are naturally some things people do that dogs cannot stand.


When you do this, especially to dogs unfamiliar to you, they tend to show aggression or find you untrustworthy.


Here are some of those things:

  • Hugging (though it looks cute, some dogs simply tolerate it, but others do not appreciate hugging)
  • Being in very close proximity to them (Imagine someone, even a friend or family member, being right at your face. Yep, it does not sound that good, right?)
  • Negative reinforcements like yelling
  • Being ignored or left by themselves (some act out by destroying your stuff)


The above are activities people do that make dogs want to be apart from you.


Some dogs might mistake it for you not liking them.


But how about those people who are inherently non-pet-loving individuals?


Can dogs identify them?


If so, how do dogs feel about it?



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Non-Dog Lovers’ Psyche

Let us first try to understand how non-dog-loving people act.


There is a particular reason for people’s disdain towards dogs.


It could be a phobia, negative experiences, disgust. You name it.


When you feel this way towards dogs, you emit a certain vibe that dogs can pick up.


Remember that dogs have a very sharp sense of emotions.


When people feel icky towards them, they can sense it.


When humans dislike dogs, it may also manifest through the tones of their voices.


So, when you speak in a jolly, happy, high-pitched, friendly fashion, dogs will know and meet you halfway if you are friends.


However, using deep, angry, frustrated voices towards dogs will make them ignore you or even react negatively to you. Another is body language.


When you look at dogs eye to eye in disgust or non-deference, they will see this as rudeness or even a threat.


It will make them potentially react aggressively.


Though dogs do not seem very smart when they start chasing their tails, dogs are highly perceptive.


They can sense people’s disdain towards them and react to it accordingly.


However, it begs the question: how can dogs sense these things?


Doggy-Sense Uncovered

Dogs can sense a wide variety of emotions. Be it positive or negative alike.


Dogs can pick up on signals humans are emitting and interpret body language.


Research shows that dogs can understand feelings based on their facial expressions and emitted sounds.


As non-dog lovers often reveal their dislike of dogs through their words and actions, this is the underlying mechanism that dogs use to identify whether people like them or not.


Furthermore, this pushes the dogs to separate themselves from people that do not like them and stick with those who do.



Dogs are amazing creatures.


They identify with what you feel, especially with what you feel towards them. If you have


fears of dogs due to the past, dogs will sense your hesitation to approach.


In the same thought, they also perceive it when people have bad intentions towards them or to their owners.


If you fear dogs, it can help you let go of that fear, as it is good to be around dogs.


They are loving and friendly, and therapeutic!


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