Why Is It So Hard To Adopt A Dog From A Rescue?

Why Is It So Hard To Adopt A Dog From A Rescue

People love having pets as companions.


And for some, they may want them for protection and others may be service dogs.


It is said that a dog is a man’s best friend hence dogs are such common pets to find in many households.


Pets are usually hard work to take care of but dogs mainly are a bit more high maintenance than other types of pets.


This means that deciding to keep a pet or pets has to be one made with as much sureness as possible.


Deciding to adopt a dog, more so from a rescue is a tougher decision to make.


Because the dogs come from very difficult backgrounds making it harder to adopt thus lengthening the adoption process.


But why exactly is it hard to adopt a dog from a rescue?


What are the logistics?


What are the facts as to why people’s applications more times get rejected than accepted?


Read on to find out!


What makes it so difficult to adopt a dog from a rescue?

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This is mainly because of the difficult conditions the dog has come from meaning the standards for one to be able to get the adoption approved are extremely high.


Here are a few pointers that make it hard to adopt a dog from a rescue:


1. Your environment

The workers from the shelter have to do home visits to ensure that where you live is pet-friendly.


It is also to assess the security of the dog in your care.


Your home must have a backyard or a front yard where the dog can do some stretches play a little bit and go to the bathroom.


Your home must be dog-proof, meaning that your dog should not be able to escape and if it can, renovations could be made to sort that out.


If renovations cannot be made due to the landlord’s restrictions then one might lose the opportunity.


It is also important for the shelter workers to know whether you are staying in your residence permanently or not.


This is because if you happen to move to a new residence that has a strict no pets policy, it will be very difficult to maneuver such a situation.


2. Other members of the house

This refers to both animals and people living and sharing the same space as the owner of the house and the dog.


It can be quite difficult to get a dog if anyone in the household has an allergic reaction when it comes to dogs.


It might also be a bit tricky when it comes to children.


Especially young ones who fear dogs and may end up causing harm to the dog or themselves if they get one.


3. Your work and general lifestyle

Dogs are a lot of work as I said before and your schedule has to be flexible enough to fit them in it.


You should be able to see them often and spend time with them for them to not get too lonely.


You should also be able to fit in some time for daily walks either early in the morning or late evenings.



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What is the adoption process to be followed for one to adopt a dog from a rescue?

dog ready for adoption


When doing applications and answering the questions can seem a bit personal.


Some may not even make sense according to you.


But it is important to know that all of the questions asked are very relevant even if you don’t get it.


If it bothers you, one can easily ask for clarification and the shelter will answer the queries you may have about any of the questions.


Each dog rescue usually has specific guidelines to be followed during the process.


But they can all be summed up into a few broad instructions as done below:


Submitting an application form to the rescue

You can easily get the application form needed on the rescue’s website.


Once you get it, you can download and print a copy and manually flit.


You can also go to the rescue physically and get an already printed copy for yourself.


The rescue may require emailing a scanned copy of the form or dropping a physical hand-filled form.


These forms may have some questions that seem a bit too personal.


But it is important to fill them in because they are very important for the adoption process to begin.


Also, application forms are meant to know what dog breed may be right for you so it is important to be truthful when filling in the forms.


Some may ask for your personality and what you would like in a dog.


For example, some people want dogs for companionship and others for security purposes.


The interview process

The interview is usually carried out by someone who works personally with the dogs at the shelter.


They might decide to do it at the shelter to see how well you interact with dogs and the dogs that you take a liking to and you click with.


The interview may also be carried out at home to see your home’s living conditions and how the other people in the house feel about the decision to adopt a dog from a rescue.


The questions asked verbally maybe even more intrusive than the ones on the form.


But are important to answer as truthfully as possible.


Adoption fee payment and preparation to get your dog from the rescue then take them home.

Paying an adoption usually does not make sense to many dog owners.


But is important to know that most shelters that get their funding from the government are non-profitable organizations.


It is important to finish up getting pet insurance for your dog.


It is also advisable to get the supplies after the whole process.


Where you can get food fit for your new best friend and make the house as dog-proof as possible.



It may seem like a lengthy process with a high risk of not getting what you want.


But it is important to keep in my mind the end goal.


Do not tire during the application process because the rewards are amazing.


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