All About Rough Collie German Shepherd Mix

Rough Collie German Shepherd Mix

A Rough Collie German Shepherd mix is the best adventure buddy you could ever have.

He is smart, fun, curious, and very affectionate.

Here is everything you need to know about this breed otherwise known as a Shollie.


A Rough Collie German Shepherd Mix is a cross between two large dog breeds; the German Shepherd and Rough Collie. Nicknamed ‘the Shollie’, he packs lots of energy and is ideal for an experienced pet owner. Shollie dogs are not hypoallergenic and require constant grooming if you have pet allergies. 


Ever wanted to own a German Shepherd mix dog that packs energy and is still obedient to its master.

A Rough Collie German Shepherd mix is what you are looking for.

He is brilliant, beautiful, and has many other qualities you will learn in this article.


Rough Collie German Shepherd mix history

german shepherd and rough collie
Rough Collie and German Shepherd

No one truly knows when the first Rough Collie German Shepherd mix was bred.

But the idea was to achieve a crossbreed dog that is energetic, hardworking, and makes a great guard dog.

Breeders experimented with several breeds until they struck gold by breeding a Rough Collie with a German Shepherd.


German Shepherd dogs are prized for their hardworking, resilient, and affectionate nature.

Though they look fierce and intimidating, they make great heading and family dogs.

Their intelligence makes them great police dogs too.


The Rough Collie is a descendant of the Collie dog family.

His immediate family is the Smooth Collie whose coat has a different texture and color from the Shollie.

Like the German Shepherd, Rough Collie dogs are bred for herding and protection.


Both purebred parents of the Shollie are intelligent and very trainable.

The German Shepherd came to America after the First World War.

The Rough Collie was already in America by then having been shipped into the continent at the beginning of the 19th century.

Today’s Rough Collie is a product of continuous breeding to achieve a larger collie dog.


Rough Collie German Shepherd mix appearance

GDS rough collie mix

Expect your Rough Collie German Shepherd mix to have the most beautiful coat.

Coat colors are influenced by the parent breeds and it can be black, blue, sable, tan, or brindle.

Shollie dog also has a bi-colored version of his coat which can be black-saddle or black-white.

It is possible to find this crossbreed dog in a tricolored coat as well.


Since his parents are large breed dogs, he will also have a towering height.

Male Shollie dogs can be anywhere between 61 and 65 cm in height.

Female Shollie dogs are smaller and measure between 56 to 60 cm in height.


Depending on the dominant parent gene, a Shollie’s coat can have medium to long hairs.

He sheds throughout the year and more in certain seasons.

Before adopting a Rough Collie German Shepherd mix puppy, make sure your vacuum cleaner is working.


If you don’t have a vacuum cleaner, get one!


Rough Collie German Shepherd mix temperament

Intelligent, fun-loving, alert, and strong-willed.

These are just some of the adjectives to describe a Shollie dog.


But it takes meeting him to fully witness the charm of his personality.

He combines the wits of the German Shepherd and Rough collie making him one of the most intelligent dogs on earth.

He is easy to train, with an uncanny ability to grasp and retain commands in a matter of days.


Also, a Rough Collie German Shepherd mix dog borrows the alertness of his parents.

Both parents were alert herding dogs, so rest assured that nothing will miss the eye of a Shollie.

Add his strong powerful body and you have yourself an A-list guard dog.



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But you should also know that a Shollie pup can be very vocal.

If he takes after his Rough Collie parent, he is inclined to bark at intruders until you show up.


They can also inherit the German Shepherd whining habit.

One other thing to note about a Rough Collie German Shepherd dog is his high energy.


He is ever active and thrives on outdoor adventures.

Because of this intense energy, it is advisable not to leave him unsupervised around young kids or small pets.


Exercise and training

If you do not go out much and spend most of your time slouched on a couch, a Shollie dog is not for you.

His high energy will be too much to handle even for a first-time pet parent with an active lifestyle.



❗ Important

A Rough Collie German Shepherd mix is a high energy dog that needs constant activity in his life. If not, he will develop destructive behavior like incessant barking.



You need to exercise a Shollie dog at least twice a day.

Engage them in rigorous games that will help them burn all that pent-up energy.

A tied Shollie dog is a happy Shollie dog.

Incorporate games that test his wit and physical strength.


Tug-of-war, fetch, up and downs and soccer are games a Shollie dog would love.

If you own a pool, let him jump in for a swim with the family.

You can search online and find more physical and mind games your Rough Collie German Shepherd mix will love.

Training should start early for better results.


Start training your Shollie pup once they are four weeks old.

Train them to only back when necessary and reward their obedience.

Basic commands like sit, heel, lie down, or come, are good to teach a Shollie.

Do not be afraid to incorporate complex commands, his complex mind can handle all of them.



A German Shepherd Rough Collie dog requires a diet rich in proteins and low on starch and other high-calorie foods.

Incorporate healthy fatty foods, like salmon and mackerel, and add vegetables to aid digestion.


If planning a raw diet is too tedious, you can opt for premium dry kibble.

Search for kibble that has the necessary nutrients to fuel a Shollie’s active lifestyle.


Living with a Rough Collie Germans Shepherd mix dog

A Shollie dog is not recommended for a novice pet owner.

He may also be too much for someone with pet allergies.

Only adopt this lovely fur baby if you can dedicate time and resources to raise him well.


This is a dog that will thrive in apartments or country houses as long as there is constant activity in their life.

If you are an active outdoorsy person, a Rough Collie German Shepherd mix is the dog for you!



A Shollie dog is loved for his dexterity, obedience, and loyalty to his owner.

He makes the best travel and exercise-buddy if you lead an active lifestyle.

Train them well, feed them a quality diet, and groom them regularly to prolong their life.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Only the Border collie is ideal for novice pet parents. A mixed dog like the Rough Collier German Shepherd mix requires a seasoned pet owner to raise him.

A mature Shollie dog will stand at 29 inches from the shoulder. They can also weigh between 70 and 80 pounds. If they have a strong German Shepherd gene, they can grow to 100 pounds.

If a German Shepherd Rough Shollie mix inherits the long Rough Collie coat, he will be a heavy shedder. You need to brush his coat daily to remove tangles, reduce matting, and eliminate pet dander. Bathe them once or twice a month with pet approved shampoos.

A Shollie dog can live for 10 to 15 years. Raise them on a quality diet with plenty of exercises and they can live longer.


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